The TRUTH About Matt and Orlando

Are They Really Just Scam Artists?

“There’s NO WAY these two guys really make as much money as they claim, and help as many people do this same” I remember thinking. “NO ONE makes that much money online.”

At the time, I was really bummed out.

I was working as a mid-level corporate employee and it looked like there was no real way for me to progress. The job I worked at didn’t reward talent as much as it rewarded ass-kissing. I just didn’t want that to be my whole life.

So I started looking for ways to make money online…

And I was getting bummed out about that, too. 

Everyone made it look so easy…

But the reality was, MOST of the “gurus” couldn’t do anything for me. They had these flashy pictures with their fancy cars or whatever…

But it turns out that they were faking it!

So I was just getting really frustrated.

And wasting a lot of money and time.

And so when I found Matt and Orlando online…

Everything SEEMED legit. They had testimonials on their page and everything. And they said they had a done-for-you system which is just what I needed.

But I was still worried about being scammed.

So I read some reviews of Matt and Orlando.

And some of the reviews were pretty negative.

None of the negative reviews had actually gone through Matt and Orlando’s system…

But they talked about how it seemed too good to be true…

And they talked about how you need to put money in, so you can get money out.

That made sense to me — there’s no such thing as a free lunch — but still I was skeptical.

But then I saw that on most of the negative review sites…

The so-called “unbiased” review sites…


Usually at the end they would pitch their own course or product.

So that was a major red flag that maybe some of these negative reviews weren’t so honest.

So I thought, “Okay, at least Matt and Orlando were honest with me from the start.”

Plus, a lot of people who had gone through Matt and Orlando’s program had only good things to say about it, like this:

So I decided that Matt and Orlando were probably my best bet.
I wanted to go with them, since I knew they were honest…

Instead of some other programs that I didn’t trust (who were sneakily trying to sell me something).

So I did a little more research and I eventually gave Matt and Orlando a call.

One of the agents who talked with me helped answer some of my questions at first.

So at the end of the call, I said I would call back.

I wanted to see if they were pushy or salsey or anything.

But, they didn’t push me to make a sale or anything like that.

So I called back in a couple of days and asked some more questions.

And eventually I decided to sign on with the program.

And the results have been better than I ever expected.

THIS is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I started looking to make money online.

So idk who’s going to read this or if anyone is going to read it…

But if you ARE reading this and you’re on the fence about Matt and Orlando…

And you’re not sure whether it’s a scam or not…

I’m here to tell you it is awesomely LEGIT and probably the best decision I ever made.

I don’t know if other programs are scams or what.

But I’m so glad I got in with Matt and Orlando.

Good luck!

Real People. Real Experiences.
Create a Life of Absolute Financial & Time Freedom… In Just Days!

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Matt & Orlando
Coaches Matt & Orlando
Ultra Royal Directors
National Trainers & VIP Lifestyle Coaches
Multiple 7 Figure Online Earners
Matt and Orlando Show You Exactly How to Build an Online Business​
How could WE possibly start and build a successful online business?
We never held high-level jobs. We never graduated with fancy degrees. Yet, we’ve created a lifestyle for our families of complete freedom… the kind people dream about. We must’ve gotten lucky, right? Or we’re just special?
We’re still nobodies! Nobodies who just wanted to find a fun, unique way to generate enough income so our families could enjoy a little breathing room beyond our monthly bills… but, what happened was unbelievable. We started generating THOUSANDS every week almost immediately.
It was then that we knew we had to help others do this. Seriously, we were nobodies with no formal education and now we’re Lifestyle Coaches, Mentors to Millionaires, Million-Dollar Earners, and Top Trainers. Which just proves that, in this digital age, background and education don’t matter! All that matters is that you’re providing VALUE that people are willing to pay for! THAT’S IT! So…
We created an incredibly easy-to-follow system that is helping people CRUSH IT online!
The bottom line is that we like helping people. Plain and simple. We like helping people build online businesses that don't take away from their family or personal life. This is truly a lifestyle business!

We love our family and they're proud of us. No amount of money could ever make us do anything to risk losing their respect. I actually enjoy what I do and for over 10 years, I've built this business that we are proud of. I value the friendships we've made in the home business arena, and I want you to be glad you got to know us.

Thanks to our online business, we've been able to establish a great way of life that is extremely rewarding. This system and business model allows us to just pick up and go whenever we feel like it (which is quite often) we have no commutes and we work from my home office. We get to decide who we work with, when we take days off, when we go on vacation with our family. I am in complete control of our own time (very rare nowadays)! Having the TIME FREEDOM that business provides is ABSOLUTELY priceless!

Using this EXACT system and business model, we've been fortunate enough to build a high 6 - 7 figure income, most often over $50,000 - $100,000 per month. But more importantly, as a Success Coach we have also helped 100's of other people achieve similar results and that is something we are truly proud of because it is so gratifying to help other people fulfill there Dreams.

We are real people, and two of the Lead Success Coaches within the entire program and if you decide to join our team after checking everything out, we will be your personal Success Coaches. Now we don't tell you that to impress you but rather to impress upon you that you are in the absolute best position possible to finally have success and make ALL of the Money You've Ever Wanted in the form of cashiers checks being sent directly to your front door ranging anywhere from $1500 on the low side all the way up to $15,750 using our "DONE FOR YOU" System; NEVER TALKING TO ANYONE!

Join them and create a life of financial and time freedom!

The EXACT System We Used To Build 7-Figure Incomes​

The system is critical to success! Plus, it’s far easier to have a proven system to follow rather than flying blind! Can you imagine if your parents got you a bike with no training wheels, no helmet, and said, “Here… go figure out how to ride it” when you were a kid? A few painful falls and you’d probably give up riding bikes forever, right?? Luckily, we’ve already fallen off the bike several times before discovering this incredible system for success!

  •  No Selling - ZERO Selling, NO Explaining -- We close sales for you! We specifically designed this to be the ultimate hands-free income machine!
  • ​Automated Marketing - We’ve created a Marketing System that generates leads for you and a Success Coach handles all inquiries to enroll each prospect
  • ​No Learning Curve - That's it!! No learning complicated marketing formulas or uncomfortable sales tactics!
  •  DFY (Done - 4 - You) - Simply plug into one of our DONE FOR YOU Advertising Packages and drive visitors to this website. Yep! The one you’re on right now!
  • ​Big Commissions - Get $1,500 all the way up to $15,750 delivered to you for every sale a Success Coach makes on your behalf
  • ​Hassle Free - No Phone Calls - No Chasing - Simple, Easy, Rewarding, and ALL the Money You've Ever Wanted!
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